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Pond skimmers keep your pond clean and clear by collecting dirt and debris that floats along the surface before it can sink and build up into sludge or cloudiness. Most pond skimmers include either brushes or filter mats that can be rinsed and cleaned when they become clogged. The skimmer also acts as the protective housing for the heart of your pond, the pump. All skimmers are very helpful in keeping the pump accessible in case of maintenance while also disguising it to promote the natural look many people are looking for. We offer our skimmers in a variety of sizes and styles, look through our products to find which one best matches your needs!

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Pondbuilder PB1199 Elite 8
List Price: $421.00
Price: $378.90
You Save: $42.10 (10 %)
Elite 8" Skimmer, Max flow 5,000 GPH
Pondbuilder PB1137 Elite 10
List Price: $555.00
Price: $499.50
You Save: $55.50 (10 %)
Elite 10" Skimmer, Max flow 10,000 GPH
Pondbuilder PB1144 Elite 15
List Price: $754.00
Price: $678.60
You Save: $75.40 (10 %)
Elite 15" Skimmer, Max flow 20,000 GPH
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