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Furnas GARD-IT Switch 69WC7 Low Pressure Cut Out
Price: $105.40
Item Number: 69WC7
Manufacturer Part No: 69WC7
The Hubbell Gard-It Pressure Switch 69WC7 is specially designed to protect your water pump or air compressor motor by automatically shutting your pump off when water or air pressure falls to a level at which continued operation could damage it. Once pressure returns to normal, you simply press the manual reset button to restart your system. The switch is also designed to stop your pump whenever your water or air pressure has reached a level at which the pump is no longer necessary for proper circulation. You install the Hubbell 69WC7 along with a regular pressure switch.
  • Standard setting: 12 PSI cut-off
  • Range: 3 to 20 PSI
  • Bottom connection: 1/4 FNPT (Female pipe thread)
  • Main spring adjustment:
  • Turn clockwise to increase cut-off pressure.
  • Turn counter-clockwise to decrease.
Installation For Lost Of Prime Protection:
  • Mount Gard-it Switch to the pump discharge line.
  • Connect the "load" terminals on the Gard-it Switch to the "line" terminals on the pump pressure switch.
  • Connect incoming power lines to the "line" terminals on the Gard-it Switch
  • Hold down the manual lever on the Gard-it switch until the pump is primed and the system pressure exceeds 12 PSI.
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